Afrovival launch their debut EP featuring audiences most loved songs including River, Kanyi Kwetu, Mpulele and Zawose. Experience the sounds of Africa and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere back at the bar or the excitement up front on the dance floor.

Afrovival sits in a groove somewhere between chilled out street rhythms of Africa and high energy traditional. Its uplifting beats are not fast and furious, but have a jazzy lean to the laidback tunes of folklore and occasional 6/8 & 12/8 rhythms.

Watch and listen for genuine Ikalanga folklore from the 4 string oil can guitar, hypnotic Kalimba from Tanzania, Mutwash inspired Congolese guitar for rotating your waist & cruisy dance moves for all to join in & kill it on the dance floor.

Children under 12 years old FREE!




The Performers

Mpaphi Nfandizo from Botswana, plays Ikalanga folklore from the “Afri’can”, a 4 string guitar made out of an oil can, and sings newly devised songs drawing from the Kalahari desert. Mpaphi is recording and producing the Afrovival EP through his own label Taios Productions

Suzanne Watts Nfandizo (vocals, dance, ilimba & percussion) award winning choreographer, Illimba player and founder of Mzuri Dance (support for Alpha Blondy, Jimmi Cliff) and Wazuri (support for Bob Sedergreen) played in Musiki Manjaro, Soukous Ba Congo, Kotoko Ma, Matata Sound, Waraco Musica, and Randy & Jah Roots.

Jessy Turner
(vocals, dance & percussion) VCA graduate and seasoned performer whose versatile vocal abilities and African dance skills extends over 15 years, has featured in bands such as in Shanty Town, Ocillate, Soukous Ba Congo and Wazuri (support act for Bob Sedergreen).

James Brown
(bass) one of the founding members of Thula Sana band has also played with famed African act “Mbelia Bel and Ringo Starr”, Musiki Manjaro, Kinshasa Express, Soukous Ba Congo, Lamine Sonko and the African Intelligence.

Ayel Akot
, just returning to Melbourne from South Sudan, Ayel will lead African dance moves and get everyone grooving on the floor. Ayel is a talented dancer and has performed at Sidney Myer Music Bowl with Suzanne Watts Nfandizo for SAIL, with Afrovival for two years, and is now teaching and choreographing African dance after seven years of mentorship with Mzuri Dance.

Sammy Dadzie
(drums) from Ghana is an original member of Randy and Jah Roots, Joe Geia, Matata Sound and Waraco Musica, Sammy returns kicking up thick afro beats on drums.