Afrovival play music from their debut EP featuring audiences most loved songs including River, Kanyi Kwedu , Mpulele and Zawose. Experience the sounds of Africa and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere back at the bar or the excitement up front on the dance floor.

At The Wesley Anne
250 High Street,
Northcote, Victoria, Australia 3070

$10 Entry


Between untold stories of the Kalahari desert and hypnotic melodies of the kalimba , Afrovival submerges itself in dizzy guitar riffs inspired from far reaching landscapes of southern and central Africa, compounding new ideas from a cherished land. Inside the walls of the heart of this music echoes the streets of Africa. Welcoming audiences feet to move to a chilled out beat that uplifts and energises.

Experience the heart and soul of Bostwana with the 4 string oil can guitar, Highlife music from Ghana with kora, ethereal Kalimba from Tanzania, Mutwash inspired Congolese guitar for rotating your waist & cruisy dance moves for all to join in. Afrovival have headlined Black Harmony Day at Fairfeild Ampitheatre alongside Kutcha Edwards, Federation Square for Viva Victoria, Emerge festivals (Multicultural Arts Victoria), Bella Union Trades Hall, Botswana High Commission Canberra, African Music & Arts Festival Fed Square, Former Botswana President welcome at the Windsor, Headlined Big West Festival Opening Footscray Arts Centre, Queen Victoria Night Market, Federation Square for African Music Festival main stage & Healesville Music Festival.


check out Kanyi Kwedu at our last gig at the Wesley Anne here

The Performers

Mpaphi Nfandizo from Botswana, plays Ikalanga folklore from the “Afri’can”, a 4 string guitar made out of an oil can, and sings newly devised songs drawing from the Kalahari desert.

Suzanne Watts Nfandizo (vocals, dance, ilimba & percussion) award winning choreographer, Illimba player and founder of Mzuri Dance (support for Alpha Blondy, Jimmi Cliff) and Wazuri (support for Bob Sedergreen) played in Musiki Manjaro, Soukous Ba Congo Kotoko Ma, Matat Souns, Waraco Musica and Randy & Jah Roots.

Jessy Turner (vocals, dance & percussion) VCA graduate and seasoned performer whose versatile vocal abilities and African dance skills extends over 15 years, has featured in bands such as in Shanty Town, Ocillate, Soukous Ba Congo and Wazuri (support act for Bob Sedergreen).

James Brown (bass) one of the founding members of Thula Sana band has also played with famed African act “Mbelia Bel and Ringo Starr”, Musiki Manjaro, Kinshasa Express, Soukous Ba Congo, Lamine Sonko and the African Intelligence.

More details to come…